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Change group of tasks to a project

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    We are using Intervals to manage specific projects but also as our timesheet system. There are tasks that come up that don't yet have a home or where the task should be billed isn't clear at the time the task is assigned. Currently we have made a stop-gap project called "To-Do" but a lot of time is spend manually going to each task to change projects after the fact. This is taking two hours or more weekly.

    It would help if, on the tasks tab, one of the choices at the bottom in the With Selected.... dropbox was "Change Projects".

    • jprado
    • Jan 23rd 2013 edited @ 01/23/2013 6:51 am


    Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to bulk move tasks from one project to another. The "with selected" bulk task update functionality on the task list does not include the ability to change projects due to the project level permissions that Intervals features. You could run into a scenario where the task owners and assignees do not all have access to the same projects.

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