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statusid property on the time object

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    I would like to know what does the statusid property of the time object means and in particular if it's connected with the status of the timesheets: approved, submitted, etc.?

    Hey Graver,

    The statusid does indeed refer to the status of the timesheet and is used internally. The values represent the following:

    1 = submitted
    2 = overdue
    3 = rejected
    4 = approved
    5 = current week


    Thanks a lot for the response. Recently something weird happened. Every inserted time for the current week or after comes with statusId of null. Inserting time for the previous week (which is submitted, but still not marked as approved) returns the correct statusId of 1. Could you assist me with that situation?

    Hey Graver,

    I wasn't able to reproduce this bug you're describing. Is there any way you can provide more information?

    Also, keep in mind that statusid is only returned when you request a collection. It isn't returned as part of a member request (including when you make a POST/PUT request).


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