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Importing Delimited data into Intervals using API

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    I have a delimited file containing time related data.
    I am new at API usage. Can anyone guide me on how to import this delimited data into my intervals account using the intervals API.

    Thank you
    Any help will be much appreciated. :)


    The API is well-suited to this kind of task. It is, however, geared toward application developers. Please take a look at the API documentation, which will help you familiarize yourself to the Intervals API and its use. The time resource is the API enpoint used to add, modify, and delete time data.

    That being said, the regular Intervals web interface has powerful, easy-to-use import tools that allow you to import nearly any kind of tab- or comma- delimited data into your Intervals account without needing to learn how to use the API. It can be found by navigating to Time > Import Time in your Intervals account.


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