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Email Hopper/Queue - Project/Task Addresses

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    I think being able to email directly to a project or task is a wonderful improvement, and we have been using it since it has been released.

    Some of our automation on our servers will send a notification out to an email alias. That alias is managed by Google (apps for business) via their "groups" settings in email. We would typically have the group expand to:, and Then those assigned as responsible for Task 1 would get tickled and go handle whatever it is the automation reported -- and it would all be logged for posterity in that task.

    However now we are a bit stymied. Recently, it seems that the El' Goog will no longer allow the "+" character in an email address -- so we can not create any more of these proxy email addresses.

    Obviously I can hard-code the task-X addresses, as well as additional destinations, into my processes, but that's not terribly extendible.

    Any thoughts here, aside from asking the wonderful Timetask folks to allow the use of a different email delimiter - such as a "-", which is allowed?

    Thank you for the feedback and for the suggestion. Our development team added this to our list of items to investigate in an upcoming release of Intervals. When we know more we will let you know.


    Wanted to let you know that we launched a release today that will allow emails to include the dash as the delimiter. So now the email address can be formatted as task-1234@ or request-321@ and Intervals will read it in and process it.

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