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Is there any way to email reports on a schedule?

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    I need to send reports of time spent each day to stakeholders. Is there any way to automate this process?

    If not in the feature set, could it be done via APIs?

    • cameron
    • Nov 14th 2012 edited @ 11/14/2012 5:17 pm

    Presently, Intervals does not have a way to automate data distribution. That being said, Intervals is expressly set up to allow stakeholders to monitor the progress of projects. The 'Executive' level user grants users access to limited project information in a granular manner. You can decide whether you want them to be able to:

    • Comment on tasks and milestones
    • View time information
    • View financial information
    • View invoices

    These users have access to the Trends Report, the Project Activity Report, and the Expenses Report, allowing them to see exactly what was worked on the previous day (or any other date range for that matter). All reports have standard export options, including CSV, PDF, and in the case of the Trends Report, image export. As with all non-Administrators, you can limit which projects they are allowed to see and which ones they aren't. Executive users cannot own or be assigned tasks, though they can submit requests that will show up in the request queue, and they cannot track or add time. And they cannot view task or milestone comments that you haven't explicitly made public.

    In other words, the Executive level user allows you to grant your stakeholders access to the data you want them to access, without you having to act as an intermediary.

    Regarding the API, there is currently not a way to access reports through the API. This because reports are merely a view of data accessible through other parts of the API. For example, the Summary Report is merely a representation of Time data groupable and filterable according to user preferences.

    The API would allow you to create your own programs to access the same data contained within the reports in the web interface, and from there your programs could distribute that information to your stakeholders in an automated fashion.

    In fact, we encourage developers to use the API to build their own reports to express their companies' Intervals data in a way that is valuable to them.


    Unfortunately my requirement is for the stakeholders PUSH reports in their inbox, rather than try to PULL them to a website.

    Thank you for your prompt response, however.


    ## Update ##
    Saving and scheduling reports is supported and available via the web interface.

    This help article (with video) shows how to use the functionality.

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