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Where to find "Details of Work Performed" for an invoice through the API?

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    How do I find the actual lines (person, module, task, date, work type, description, quantity, rate and amount) that is being displayed on the invoice?

    I am able to get the two first levels using "invoice" and "invoiceitem", but what should I use to gather the exact time lines?



    Hey Robbe,

    That information is currently not accessible through the API.

    However, that information is simply a snapshot of time data as it existed at the time the invoice was created. If you know how a particular invoice was filtered, you may be able to retrieve that data from the time resource.

    We have consider adding detailed invoice data to the API, but there are many technical considerations in doing so. There are many possible views (with different fields returned based on each view), items are groupable, items may include time entries or not, and the items are not editable. The invoice details are in many ways more akin to a report than regular API data.

    We're definitely open to suggestions from people in this thread.


    Hi Cameron

    Thanks - I am using the time resource now, and it seems to give me what I need. I am integrating Intervals with an ERP system, and I am raising the same invoices (or trying to) as the ones generated by Intervals. In this case, an API call to give me the lines involved would have been nice (so the invoice can contain exact documentation for the time spent).

    Anyway, that is just my input


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