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Recommended system for project management, scheduling and resource planning

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    We are trying to find a new piece of software to manage resource allocation, time recording and resource analysis.

    I run a consultancy business undertaking research projects for clients. The contractual arrangements we always have in place are for the delivery of a project for a fixed fee. It is NEVER the case that they put us on a retainer and we simply bill them for time spent on a project.

    All of the systems we have reviewed so far assume that the total value of the project will vary. I.e. the total value of a project is a product of the amount of time worked and a fixed billing (fee) rate, either by day or hour.

    We need to find one where the total amount billed to the client does not change, but the hourly (or daily) fee earned does change depending on how long it takes to deliver the project.

    For example, if we take on a project for £5000, which we estimate should take 10 days each of our days is worth £500. The client will pay us £5000 regardless of how long it takes. If we deliver it in 5 days, then each day has actually been worth £1,000 for this project. If we deliver it in 15 days, then each day has been worth around £333.

    Does anyone have any idea which systems do this, whilst also allowing for resource allocation and time recording (real time, not post hoc). We are looking for a relatively low cost solution - not SAP!


    Intervals is not going to meet this specific needs. It will meet some of them, but to be honest, this combination of features may not exist in an existing low cost solution. It may have to be custom developed. Or, an app like Intervals that approximates this functionality could be tailored using the API.

    What Intervals will do is allow you to charge a flat fee for a project and then track your time against that project. While you are only charging the client the flat fee, the time tracking data will show how your team performed and what the project actually would have cost the client in terms of man hours.

    The hourly rates that are applied are not able to change variably based on date or any other criteria. The hourly rate could be manually changed and that would reflect on the existing time entries, but this is not automatic.

    The best way to find out is to sign up for a free 30 day trial and plug in some data. See if Intervals will handle this workflow. We can help out along the way. Just click on the "General Question" link at the bottom of any page in Intervals.

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