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Import MS Project

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    We have a large project that has been tracked using MS project, we are currently in mid project. As a project manager I recently had an executive come on board who wants us to start using intervals.

    My problem is that I have a project with several hundred tasks, already baselined in MS Project. Is there any way that I can import all the MS project tasks, assigned resources, start and end dates into intervals without the awkward csv import function? I'm looking for maybe a list of how to export FROM MS project to Intervals or a script file that could do this for me. I don't want to spend days editing a csv file in Excel


    Unfortunately there is not a straightforward way to move several hundred tasks from MS Project into Intervals. Not without using the CSV import function. There is not a script that will do this. Our developers may be able to help walk you through the steps for exporting data from MS Project and then importing it into Intervals. The steps are going to depend on what data is being imported and how close the MS Project export is to what Intervals can work with. Go ahead and click on the "General Question" link at the bottom of any page in your Intervals account and we can start working through the process of getting the data over.

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