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The Missing Timesheets Tool

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    How to Use the Missing Timesheets Tool
    One of Intervals' core features is time tracking. When each person logs in and uses Intervals to track their time, the time entries are aggregated into a weekly timesheet. In addition, Intervals provides a workflow for approving timesheets to ensure that time data appearing on the reports is accurate. When putting detailed time reports in front of clients it's nice to know the data won't change after the fact.

    What about people who don't get their time reported on time? or not at all? The Missing Timesheets Tool will tell you which people have NOT filled in their weekly timesheet, for any week of the year. Perhaps a new employee is still learning the ropes and hasn't had time to log in to Intervals. Or, a subcontractor has yet to submit their time entries for the previous week, putting your hopes of billing the client on hold. You might even have some employees who just need a nudge toward logging in and and adding their time.

    The Missing Timesheets tool, pictured below, is a great way to send email reminders to your team asking them to log in and fill out their timesheet. Check the boxes next to the people to notify, or notify one person at a time using the notify button, and tailor a message to be included in the email. That's it!

    The Missing Timesheets Tool is useful for sending email reminders to your team


    The Missing Timesheets tool is available under the Time tab.To access the report, go to the Time tab and click on the Missing Timesheets link. The filters in the left column will help you drill down into the missing timesheets by date, person, and user level. For example, you may want to list all of the timesheets missing from last week for resource level users.

    A few notes: Intervals will list a person's timesheet as missing for any week, since their account was created, that they have not entered any time. The list will not include the current week. This feature is only available to administrator level users.

    ## Update ##
    More information about the missing timesheets report is available here


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