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Building a Mobile App in Tiggzi. Need help with REST call

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm playing around with the mobile app development service Tiggzi:

    In it they have the ability to connect to a REST service to populate your app. To set up the REST connection I am presented with the following fields:
    URL: which is
    Method: (I am using GET)
    Data type: options are json,jsonp,XML (which is best?)

    Simple enough. Then I have the option to include Request Parameters and I can add any number of parameters and their values and there is a "Header" check box.

    In this environment how do I include my token or handle authorization?

    Thanks in advance

    - Chris


    Data type: Try using json and see if that works.

    A header named "Accept", needs to be sent. It's value will be "application/json" if using json from above. This will instruct the API to respond with JSON format so it coincides with the tiggzi API.

    Authorization is handled by sending a header called "Authorization" with the value "token:X" where token is your API token encoded in base 64. ":X" is just placeholder for a password but we don't use that so disregard it.


    Thanks for the quick response Jaime. I set up the parameters as you instructed and the response I continue to get is:


    <head><title>400 Bad Request</title></head>

    <body bgcolor="white">

    <center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center>




    Any further help you can supply would be appreciated.

    • cvonnieda
    • Aug 13th 2012 edited @ 08/13/2012 9:56 am
    BTW I found an online base 64 encoder/decoder and encoded my token. So, I used the name/value pair of: Authorization/base 64 encoded token
    Did the URL end up being just it needs to have a specific resource, like /task for example. Also look into getting the raw response. There is an error included with every API request that includes details about the error.

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