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Configuring Postini via the System Administration console to whitelist the Intervals IP

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    • jreeve
    • Jul 11th 2012 edited @ 07/11/2012 1:11 pm

    Some of our customers using Google's Postini spam filter may find emails from Intervals being quarantined due to the way the email headers are formatted. When emails are sent from Intervals, the From header is set as the person logged in who triggered the email, or the Intervals account administrator if it's an automated email. This is done to keep Intervals as transparent as possible to your team and clients. And to help legitimize the email, the Sender header is set as Services like and both use this method to send email on behalf of their customers.

    Postini, however, tends to quarantine Intervals emails without acknowledging the Sender header. And, to our knowledge, there is not a way to add our IP to the Postini SPF records. To effectively whitelist emails coming from the Intervals mail server IP, the solution is to use a combination of Postini's IP Pass and IP Lock features:

    Using a combination of IP pass-through in Connection Manager and using IP Lock, will allow for your domain to be delivered as an approved sender. When using these features, make sure you add all IP's, that will send in behalf of your domain, including your direct mail server and any mailing list-servs being used. Using the IP lock in the RPF section may be easier to use, for some admins.

    More information on how to configure Postini to whitelist the Intervals mail server IP can be found here:
    Whitelisting an IP thru the Postini System Administration console
    Message Security Administration Guide > IP Ranges and Security > RPF: Tools to Help Prevent Spoofing
    Message Security Administration Guide > IP Ranges and Security > Setting Up IP Lock with Batch Commands
    Message Security Administration Guide > Connection Manager > Pass Throughs

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