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    • icvanee
    • Jun 20th 2012 edited @ 06/20/2012 1:07 am
    Any chance we can let Executives change the status of Tasks. We would like to have our clients Review the Tasks we have set to 'Client Review' and they should have the possibility to change the status to 'Open' or 'Closed'. They now have to add some kind of comment and we need to go through all the Tasks and set them to 'Open' or 'Closed' ourselves.
    We'll definitely take this into consideration. We are open to adding more granular permissions to each user level, however, we want to be careful which permissions we add. We want to make sure the permissions we do add will be used by a majority of our customers to avoid feature bloat and unnecessary complexity. To make this request more 'official' please login to your Intervals account and click on the Feature Request link at the bottom of any page. Thanks!

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