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Email notices on imported tasks?

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    My firm uses Intervals and I just joined as PM this week. I imported a number of tasks this week and two things happened (or didn't happen) that I expected.

    1. No email notices were sent out to the people assigned to the tasks

    2. The "summary" fields were not included for 50% + of the items imported.

    Is there a reason why the assigned employee didn't have emails sent to them? What types of things would cause the summary field to import for some records but not for others?

    You are correct that emails do not go out with tasks are imported. This is done by design for people that import a lot of legacy data. The tasks will show up in the weekly email for each assignee that they receive at 8 AM each day. Regarding the summary field, your best bet is to contact our support team direct by clicking on the find a bug from within your account. If you can attach the import file with the submission that would be extremely helpful. Our development team can review the file to see if they see anything that might be causing the problem.

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