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getting times that have been submitted

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    How can I make a request to filter time objects based on which times have been submitted? I tried to go at it via tasks and taskstatus but that doesn't seem to work (as the taskstatus options are custom, and for my client "submitted" isnt one of them).



    We'll soon be allowing datemodified to be used as a sort field on the time resource. This will allow you to sort your list of time entries by the most recent. We'll be pushing this live in the next few days.

    As for being able to submit a date range for when time entries were submitted, this is currently in the list of API features being comtemplated, but not actively on our development schedule.



    Im not sure if the question is fully answered.

    I mean being able to filter on time entries based on their STATUS being submitted (vs. approved or something else). Is that synonymous with datemodified? not sure how it would be.

    Thanks cameron.


    Intervals deliberately separates these statuses from time; in fact, there is no such thing as submitted time or approved time, but rather the timesheet from that week that has been submitted/approved. This is intentional, to avoid creating confusion that individual time entries have settable and gettable statuses.

    Filtering time by their timesheet status is not available within the interface either, and there are no short-term plans to implement this. If and when this feature is ever added to the interface, it will likewise be added to the API.


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