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Recurring Tasks

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    Is it possible to set a task so that it's recurring? I have several tasks for different clients that have to be completed weekly and it would be a huge help to have this showing up on my calendar and allowing me to have an email reminder.

    If it's not possible - is it on the road map for future updates?


    • Michael
    • Apr 5th 2012 edited @ 02/03/2022 4:39 pm

    True recurring tasks are not on the development plan at this time. This discussion about differences in how people would like to see it implemented is probably worth a look. Although Intervals does not include recurring tasks at this time tasks can be rescheduled or copied to achieve a similar purpose. I have several weekly tasks and when I am done with the current week I change the due date to the following week. It works out fairly well and the main difference on the copy a task versus rescheduling a task is whether or not you want all of the notes and history in one place or with each distinct task.

    ## Update ##
    Recurring tasks are available as a beta feature. More information on how to enable recurring tasks is available here.

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