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Import Projects Creates Duplicates ?

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    I've exported a project list in CSV format from a production instance of Intervals.
    Then I've imported into a development instance of intervals.
    I've noticed there are duplicate projects every time I re-import projects.
    I was under the impression the new import project title (and data) would overwrite the current project (record) .

    Should I import projects one time only?

    I've noticed and corrected some project and client titles contained a comma within the name example "company x, inc."
    Comma characters break the CSV export and made reimporting into MS Access difficult.
    I've imported 'time' correctly without any duplicates.

    In Summary
    Should I import project titles one time only?
    How do I remove the multiple duplicates?



    Importing projects (and any other importable item) are meant to be one time only.

    What this means is we the import doesn't overwrite existing data. We did this in order to preserve the integrity of data. If you wish to remove an import, there is an "Import History" link to on the side bar where you can view past imports and also deactivate them. This may help in getting rid of all the duplicates.


    ah okay, thanks for the confirmation Jaime!

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