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Automate Creating Milestones for new projects

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    Within Intervals I would like a way to apply a series of milestones to each project without having to manually create and assign milestones to a large volume of projects.

    Is there a way to automate the creation of milestones for each project?

    If the answer is "NO", is there a way to create milestones using special API code within a project details field?
    1. create milestones within milestone tab.
    2. go to project >details field and enter the following:
    Description Field: %[Milestone one] + [Milestone two + [MIlestone three]%

    Thanks for your help!


    The only way to automate the creation of milestones inside the application is to import them from a CSV file. This can be done to create the initial volume of milestones. However, each milestone will still need to have its tasks manually assigned to it through the interface.

    The API is the preferred method to automate the creation of a large volume of milestones to projects, and to automate assigning tasks to the milestones. However, the API cannot be invoked inside the Intervals application with any type of markup code. The documentation for the API using milestones can be found here:

    So to answer your question, neither of these proposals are possible within the Intervals GUI. The API will have to be used to accomplish these goals.


    Hi Jreeve,
    Thank you for your response.
    I was able to review the url you had provided for the API.
    You also mentioned importing a CSV file to create the initial volume of milestones.
    Would you have an example of how this CSV / worksheet format?
    My guess would be something like the following, any pointers to be aware of?

    Client, Project, Milestone1, Task1, Milestone2, Task2, Milestone3, Task3,

    Thanks again for all of your help!

    A template CSV file is available from within the account by navigating to Options >> Settings & Defaults >> Import Data. There are template files in the left hand column. Please give it a look.

    Ah yes, thank you I've also found
    as a reference.
    Thanks again!

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