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X-Intervals-Send-Notifications not working

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    So I added the "X-Intervals-Send-Notifications: t" to my header through xml when adding a tasknote to a task, however just like when you add comments to a task in intervals I expected it to send a notification to the assignee's, however it doesn't seem to do that.

    Is this intended to not trigger that notification, or does this only apply to when you edit a task itself etc? which I thought was handled by:
    X-Intervals-Disable-Action-Notes: t



    A test of this confirmed that everything is working properly. The tasknote resource does indeed support the X-Intervals-Send-Notifications header. This only sends out email notifications to people affiliated with the task. If you set X-Intervals-Disable-Action-Notes: to 't', the task note will not reflect the fact that emails were sent out.

    If people are not receiving emails, please ensure the following:

    1. Email notifications are only sent out for NEW task notes. Editing task notes will never send out notifications, whether you are in the web interface or performing the action through the API.

    2. In the web interface, under each task note, there is an "Action(s)" section that specifies what changed and which (if any) emails went out. Check to see if any emails went out here by making sure the "Hide actions in comment history" checkbox at the top of the comments list is unchecked. (This only applies if X-Intervals-Disable-Action-Notes was omitted or not set to 't'.)

    3. Make sure the person who you intended to receive the email is affiliated with the task and has his or her notifications enabled for "New task notes." You can check this by going to the person's profile page and viewing their notification settings on the left.

    4. Finally, notifications will never be sent out to the person making the change, so if you are the one who submitted the new task note, you will not receive an email notification, whether through the web interface or through the API.

    I hope that clears things up. If you have any further questions, please let me know.


    Ah it was a combination of #3 and #4, my user is the api user at the same time so I wasn't receiving, and the other person associated with the task had those notifications turned off, so I see what I need to do from here, thank you!

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