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time object

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    As far as I can see there is only a client property in the time object?
    What I'd like to have is (also) the clientid. Is that possible, or am I wrong?

    Second question is a request. Is it possible to have a property hastimer in the task object?
    I'd like to show a color bar in our new (iPhone) application. If the task has a timer running i'd like to show the user a special color.

    • cameron
    • Feb 8th 2012 edited @ 02/08/2012 12:13 pm


    About the first item, you are correct. I've added this field to the time resource list. Just remember that a project may not have a client, so this field may sometimes be null. The change will go live at our next launch, which should be a few weeks from now.

    As to the second question, there are no plans to add a hastimer field to the task object. You can, however, use the includetimerid filter to determine if a particular person has a timer running for the list of tasks. Alternatively, you could also try grabbing a timer list and computing the intersection of that list and the task list.


    • icvanee
    • Feb 8th 2012 edited @ 02/09/2012 12:05 am

    Thx. Waiting for the new release.

    For the second, I had implemented that solution, but then I need the timer AND the task list. But, not a big deal as far as I can see. Now using the includetimer filter.

    Another one. On the API pages I can't find the complete definition of the objects that are returned. Do you have such a list?

    It isn't available at the moment. We've got some ideas on how to expand the documentation in the future, including interactive request builders, and that would include a display of the output. But right now there's no expected release date for that.

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