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Support for non US Locales

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    • Michael
    • Apr 24th 2007 edited @ 04/25/2007 8:50 am

    Additional Date/Time and Currency Support Going Live Wednesday, April 25th at approximately 6:00 AM Pacific

    Tomorrow morning we will be launching support for Locales outside of the United States. This has been a high demand feature and we are excited to get it launched.

    What can you expect during the launch?

    • Our launch window is from approximately 6:00 AM Pacific to 8:00 AM Pacific

    • During the launch window we do not anticipate any down time, but some functionality may be a little spotty

    • In addition to support for non US Locales, we will be deploying a set of minor enhancements to document support and a few performance upgrades


    Foreign Locale support has been successfully deployed. Here is a list of the locales that Intervals presently supports:

    Afrikaans (South Africa)
    Czech (Czech Republic)
    Danish (Denmark)
    Dutch (Belgium)
    Dutch (Netherlands)
    English (Australia)
    English (Canada)
    English (Ireland)
    English (New Zealand)
    English (Philippines)
    English (South Africa)
    English (United Kingdom)
    English (United States)
    Finnish (Finland)
    French (Belgium)
    French (Canada)
    French (France)
    French (Luxembourg)
    French (Monaco)
    French (Switzerland)
    German (Austria)
    German (Germany)
    German (Switzerland)
    Hungarian (Hungary)
    Icelandic (Iceland)
    Italian (Italy)
    Italian (Switzerland)
    Norwegian (Norway)
    Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
    Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway)
    Polish (Poland)
    Portuguese (Brazil)
    Portuguese (Portugal)
    Russian (Russia)
    Slovenian (Slovenia)
    Spanish (Argentina)
    Spanish (Bolivia)
    Spanish (Chile)
    Spanish (Colombia)
    Spanish (Dominican Republic)
    Spanish (Ecuador)
    Spanish (El Salvador)
    Spanish (Guatemala)
    Spanish (Honduras)
    Spanish (Mexico)
    Spanish (Nicaragua)
    Spanish (Panama)
    Spanish (Paraguay)
    Spanish (Peru)
    Spanish (Spain)
    Spanish (Uruguay)
    Spanish (Venezuela)
    Swedish (Finland)
    Swedish (Sweden)

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