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Reports with descriptions and rate

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    I am looking for a report which combines both the detail of time entries per project (date, person, task, description) with the work type and rate charged. I find I am constantly toggling between the Summary Report and the Project Activity Report and would like to be able to review this data all in one place. Does that exist?
    A report does not presently exist that combines financial information with the detailed notes that were included when time was applied but we are considering adding "show time entries" to the project activity report and appreciate the feedback. It may make it onto the development plan at some point in the future. With how Intervals is currently structured the only workaround I can think of is using invoices. When creating invoices based on actual work performed there are options to include tasks and show time entries. When those two items are selected the output looks very much like the project activity report with the detailed time entries included. The invoice can be exported to a spreadsheet program and manipulated if needed.
    This is a major need for our company as well.
    • Michael
    • Dec 18th 2020 edited @ 12/18/2020 9:26 am

    ## Updated 2015 ##
    The project activity report has an option to "Include Time Descriptions" which shows the detailed notes that were included whenever time was added. When selected, the project activity report and summary report are pretty much combined. Each time entry, the description of work, and the financial value of that work (work type & rate) are displayed. This help article shows how to generate a report that has the descriptions and rates.

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