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how to easily bill by project not task, such as Project Status

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    • ben
    • Jan 4th 2012 edited @ 04/20/2012 2:07 pm

    We bill by project not by the individual task so it would be handy to have a project status that was "ready to Invoice/Bill" in addition to "Open" and "Closed". As this is not currently the cast does anyone have a suggestion on how we can do this as a project could have between 10 and 50 tasks assigned to it. We have looked at editing the name to add a keyword and that was adding more workload than going through it with accounts. We need a simple way to notify accounts that a project is ready to bill by a simple filter if possible.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    One workaround is to prepend or append the status to the project name. If "ready to invoice" is put out in front of the project name you can click to sort on the project listing and those projects will be listed together.

    ## Update ##
    Intervals includes support for custom project labels. Labels can be used to apply statuses to projects.
    More information on Project Labels is available here on the official help site.

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