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Special actions reference?

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    The API docs mention special actions, and how they are called, but I can't seem to find any reference to which actions are available for which resources.

    Am I missing something?


    • cameron
    • Dec 1st 2011 edited @ 12/01/2011 11:40 am

    Hey Joe,

    Right now, the only special action built into the API is for documents, which allows you to download the document itself (rather than just getting information about the document).

    We are considering additional special actions to add to other resources, and are always open to suggestions.



    Hi Cameron,

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    I'm looking for a way to access a task's history. Is there one?


    • cameron
    • Dec 5th 2011 edited @ 12/05/2011 4:20 pm

    Hey Joe,

    Right now you can access all the components of a task's history individually, using the tasknote, time and document resources. Right now there is no way to combine these resources into one. You will have to do that within your application.


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