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Is is possible to add people to a project team via the API?

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    I don't see any way to specify a team for a project via the API. Is it doable and I'm just not seeing it?



    Right now, there is no way to change project associations via the API, but it is part of our long-term plan. Currently, when a project is created through the API every person who has 'allprojects' set to true will be associated with the new project (admins have access to all projects automatically too).

    If I was creating projects, and wanted to specify a particular team and needed a workaround for this, I would do the following:

    1. Record what every person has as their "allprojects" setting.

    2. For each project that I create, I would first set the people I wanted as team members for that project to have their "allprojects" flag set to true. All others I would set to false.

    3. When I was finished making projects, I would revert the people's "allprojects" flags to the originals that I stored earlier.

    However, for existing projects, I cannot think of any workaround.

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