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Need assistance with WIP and billing

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    Hi All,

    We switched to intervals about 12 months ago now and it was a big jump on the way we used to track time. We do however have some issues which we haven't yet raised in regards to how we use intervals. It is possible we are too close to our own stuff to see the issue is not really the software but how we use it, so any assistance greatly appreciated.

    1. We quote projects to clients at a fixed price. We then track hours against the tasks. Intervals expects us to invoice the hours we work, not the hours quoted. So if we go over or under on a project, intervals says we have accrued

    N hours @ $ rate = revenue of Y

    But in reality the revenue will be what we quoted, not the time taken which is what intervals thinks it should be. This is throwing out the reporting of our WIP for each consultant and project. Of course we could log billable hours up to the quoted amount and then switch to logging non billable, but this would likely end up a mess as different people try to remember what is the project up to and how much was quoted.

    2. We need to be able to see actual revenue earned per person on a daily basis. At the moment we log time as billable and non billable in intervals. We have an estimate/quote for a project or task. We then log hours against it which is fine for estimate vs actual, but as noted above does nothing for how are we tracking from an output or revenue earned point of view. If we just look at billable hours for a person, they may be working on a project that is over or under time already. So we get a false number on our WIP.

    3. We need a way of quickly prioritising tasks and schedules. The way Pivotal Tracker does this looks quite good with the ability to view the work week by individual(s) and then drag work estimates around on a calendar to get the desired results in terms of deliveries and available resources. I cant see anything like this drag and drop for task scheduling in Intervals.




    It sounds like you have a pretty good grip on how Intervals can best complement your workflow. Let me see if I can fill in missing pieces.

    1. There are two ways to create invoices. The prefilled invoice will pull in hours in the manner you are familiar with now. However, there is also the option to create a freeform invoice. With the freeform invoice, you can create your own line items. I would recommned using this type of invoice to collect payment on flat bids. The use the time tracking data to keep track of the project internally.

    2. If I understand it correctly, revenue earned per person can be run in any of the reports by choosing to view by person. If their hourly rate is correct, then this will show the revenue per person. However, I do see how this data would get thrown off by a flat bid project. They way I would do this is to use the pie chart report. Filter it by person and it will give you the percentage of the project each person performed. Then just multiply that percentage against the total bid.

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