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Ways to use Intervals [Closed]

Anyone have a workaround for periscope report not sorting?

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    By inspection, our periscope reports are sorted by the milestone number - i.e., the chronological entry time that then drives the number. We create our projects by copying old ones, and so have no real control over the milestone number sequencing. In addition, we may need to add tasks or milestones later as the project evolves.

    The result is a mishmash that we are a little embarrassed to show to customers, with what appears to be a Ganntt-like chart but with the milestones all over the place vertically. The first milestone is halfway down the page, the second is at the top, the third is at the bottom - even though they are progressing correctly from right to left.

    Has anyone found a work around for the inability to sort milestones by start date, end date, or title so that you can show them (and intervals) to customers with confidence? Or are we doing something stupid and don't know about some obvious commands?

    It sounds like you may have discovered a bug. Your best bet is to contact our support team direct and we can take a closer look. If you don't mind please click on the find a bug link from within your account and if you could include a screenshot of the periscope report that would be extremely helpful.
    this isn't really a bug... it's just the way intervals displays things in the periscope report. currently, it sorts top to bottom by task and milestone numbers (rather than start date). Basically, Intervals assumes that when you are creating milestones and tasks, that you are always doing it chronologically with your plan. The problem is, it rarely ever happens that way, and milestone and task dates are constantly adjusted relative to each other, and the milestone or task ID has nothing to do with that.
    • Michael
    • Nov 30th 2011 edited @ 11/30/2011 2:54 pm
    This actually is indeed a bug. Since milestones do not have a start date and only a due date they aggregate all of the tasks that belong to the milestone. The milestone that has the earliest starting task should indeed be displayed first and not by the milestone number for the milestone. This will be fixed in an upcoming release of Intervals.
    I wanted to let you know that we deployed an update that should resolve the sorting problem. The first milestones should be the milestone that has the task with the earliest start date. Please give things a look and if things do not appear to be working properly please click on the find a bug link from within your account and contact our support team direct.

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