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Document | File Storage

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    Documents (aka Files) can be uploaded to Tasks and Projects. There are no file type restrictions so you can upload anything you need to get your work done.

    Here are a few examples:

    What types of files would I upload a file to a task?
    - design comp
    - copy/text
    - a screenshot
    - any support file for that particular task

    What would I upload to a project?
    - a contract/proposal
    - logos
    - style guide
    - project specification

    The examples above are somewhat specific to a shop that is involved with design, but you can use Intervals however you like. It is flexible and can bend to your process.

    The Documents Tab is used for easy document retrieval. You can quickly search by client, project, who uploaded the file, part of the file name, and most importantly...tags. Tags encourage and allow free form categorization of documents in such a powerful way.

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