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Can I change the starting invoice number?

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    If you have been using another invoicing system and would like to have the invoices that start within Intervals to line up in chronological order this can be done. If you navigate to Options >> Settings & Defaults >> Default Invoicing there is an option to change the next invoice number. Here is a screenshot:

    Default Invoicing

    Just a note that invoice numbers can be recycled but gaps will not be filled. For example, say you have created ten invoices (#1 - #10). If you delete invoice #10, invoice #9 and invoice #8 when the next invoice is created it will be invoice #8. If you have this same scenario with ten invoices and delete invoice #5 when the next invoice is created it will be #11. This is done by design when there is a high number of invoices it would be odd going backwards if a legacy project was deleted or a really old invoice was deleted.

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