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Task Timer - Pomodoro Technique

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    • pspeth
    • Sep 21st 2011 edited @ 09/21/2011 10:02 am

    There has been a longstanding request for a desktop Task Manager tied to Intervals. I have been really wishing for this.
    The last I heard is that it is off the table, and the suggested path would be for a pinned mobile version.
    I have always been challenged with finding a way to accurately stay on top of my Task/Time documentation and I am pretty sure that is a very common challenge for companies and employees.

    I have been interested lately with the Pomodoro time management technique.
    Pomodoro - Site

    I downloaded an free Adobe Air app that (has some limitations but) is very nicely implemented.
    It allows you to setup tasks, and track productive time as well as take managed breaks.

    Here is the app site link.

    This app provides what would be an absolutely killer feature addition to intervals.
    I users could:

    • Morning Process to select the Days Tasks to show in the timer. (or display all)

    • Have the timer docked to their - Desktop, or mobile

    • Once started the Timer would poll them periodically to select the appropriate task/break/interruption

    • A great mobile feature would be to have a location service option that would log with the task

    • At the end of the day There could be a review process to review/correct the poms allocations, and even set things up for the next day.

    In the end Intervals is about capturing and being paid for our time. This feature could drastically improve this process. For this reason I hope you will seriously consider this suggestion.
    Any Comments, Feedback?

    pspeth, thank you for the suggestion. We typically don't handle feature requests through our forums. We would love it if you could login to your Intervals account and click on the feature request button at the bottom of the page. This way, it gets entered into our database and is ensured to have multiple sets of eyes reviewing it.

    Meanwhile, let me offer some feedback on this idea. We do currently have a mobile version of Intervals. To access it, simply login to your Intervals account from your mobile device. Intervals will handle the rest. The mobile version of Intervals currently handles tasks and time, but we have plans to extend the functionality out to projects and milestones.

    At this time, we do not have enough demand to build a desktop app or widget. We encourage our customers to employ our API and tinker with desktop widgets if they would like to make something like this happen. We'd be happy to provide any support you might need if developing this idea. This is the perfect example of something we would love to see our customer community take on.


    Thanks for getting back to me on this.
    I will post it as you said.

    I am a bit dumbfounded by the idea that there supposedly isn't a demand for desktop functionality given that nearly all of the access to the product is from the desktop and that time capture is so absolutely critical to a companies bottom line.

    I my only guesses are:
    - Lack of understanding about how the systems would work together in harmony
    - Historically weak Task Tracking widgets
    - The challenge of rolling out the Desktop Apps/Widgets.

    It's a shame since I think this is a taking things to the next level feature.


    "I am a bit dumbfounded by the idea that there supposedly isn't a demand for desktop"

    Me too. It was one of the first things I asked about / looked into (we'd looked at quite a number of similar services before deciding to give Intervals a serious trial).

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