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    I often find I've got several filters selected and I want to change to a totally different set of filters. To do so, I have to manually reset each of the current filters to All, and sometimes wait for the same filter to be updated multiple times via Ajax. The bookmarklet below will reset all filters on the current page to all, so you can start fresh.

    Note that it won't trigger the Ajax calls, which means any filters that have a shorter list because of other filters that were set will keep that shorter list. If you need to use a filter and the value you want doesn't show, then just change the client filter and all other filters will be corrected.

    Bookmark this link

    If you've not heard of bookmarklets see the wikipedia article


    Thanks for sharing!

    I've got a question, is there any difference between this and the link for "View all tasks"? on the task list?

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