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Too many Intervals emails causing email burnout-- anyone else?

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    Here's the issue -- we're a small agency, and everyone's a project manager on most projects. The problem is that every time I update a project or task, intervals sends an email to everyone, filling up the inbox with non-actionable emails that still need to be read, b/c you never know which one is actually going to need an action.

    Is it possible to add a second "save" button -- so one button would be simply "save" and the other "save and email" (maybe with a drop-down like the one that adds multiple project managers or people to a task) so we could have a choice of sending email updates only when we need to?

    options->email preferences

    BrownRice is right. Stan's reply does not address the problem that many of our team members are having with email overload.

    We just would like a way to optionally supress email at the point of update for task/milestone/project notes.

    Bravo, thanks Dave!

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