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"CWT Digital Intervals" API scripts

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    I have put up a collection of PHP reports at

    At the moment it's just a couple of scripts that we've thrown together for reports that we need, but I've seen requests from others who interested in similar reports so hopefully you'll find it useful, if only as a base for your own scripts.

    Current features are:
    * Activity Report - When was a task last updated? Has a task been open too long?
    * Workload by resource - When will employees get round to the tasks on their todo lists?
    * Upload Timelogs - Convert .txt timelogs into paused Intervals timers, which can then easily be saved as time entries using the Intervals website.

    You'll need PHP with Smarty available in the class path and a google API key for the inclusion of jquery, and there is a sample apache vhost in the readme.txt. Please let me know if you try the scripts and what you think (or if you can't get them to work for you), as if there is interest I'll release post updated versions.

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