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View report of most recently modified tasks or comments

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    We use comments to update each other on specific needs for broader tasks. I would like to see a report of tasks based on latest comments. If this could be just a "comments report" sortable by date, task or project, where the comments linked to the task, that would be fine. But I need some way of seeing which tasks/comments have been most recently updated/added.

    As a stop-gap measure, I would like to be able to view a list of tasks and sort by 'date last modified'. That would get me pretty close to what I really want - which is the comments report.

    Anyone else find a way to get a report of comments or most recently updated tasks?


    I support this request. To be able to print a list of tasks together with "Last Comment" would be most useful for review in meetings.


    We support this request as well, it would be a valuable tool.
    I've written some scripts which do pretty much that - see

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