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    New user here, and trying to figure out the best way to use Intervals to suit my needs.

    We have different types of seasonal projects throughout the year, and I would like to be able to view those projects (or a report) by the project type. Example: What is the progress of all Summer campaigns?

    I saw that there was a feature request for a project type drop-down from 2008, but it doesn't look like it has progressed since then. Is there a work-around?



    You can append or prepend text to the project name that represents the project’s category (for example, Category - Project Name or Project Name - Category). If you put the category out in front of the project name the drop down menus wherever the project name is mentioned will sort in that order. For reports you can use the multiselect functionality to select all of the projects that are part of the group and then save the report. At the bottom of the report there is an option to save it so that you can re-run the report with a single click.

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