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    Advice wanted.

    I know that my team has alot of work to do in module "Software Development".
    How do I see how much? Any good reports to use?


    There aren't too many reports that show estimated and actual time by module but the Project Activity report is an option. If you select Software Development from the modules drop down menu and then "by task" from the "summary only" drop down menu the top of the report will show total time and the value of work for Software Development and the bottom half of the report will show the tasks estimates and actuals for each task with a total estimate vs. actual at the very bottom.
    • thomasb
    • Aug 8th 2011 edited @ 08/08/2011 3:10 am

    Thank you Michael for you answer!
    But it only shows the tasks that I have started, I mean the tasks that I have added time to. Or did I miss something?
    To clarify:
    I create a new task "write tricky code".
    I run the report you described.
    Can not see the task (I want to see the task)
    I add 0.1h to the task
    run your report
    I see the task.



    We do this using the tasks tab. Choose Software Development in the modules filter, then look at the bottom of the Hours column - there are values for total actual and total estimated.

    This breaks down if a tasks goes over its estimate, so we ask our staff to update the estimates as they go along, so in theory a completed task looks like it has come in right on estimate (we monitor how much we have over/under run our original estimates outside of intervals).

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