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Invoice Level Discounts

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    It would be REALLY nice if we could get a place to add a discount to invoices. Currently you need to add a new line item with a negative amount to add a discount. It would be nice to have an area specifically designated for discounts that applies a discount amount or percentage to the current invoice only.

    The problem with utilizing the adding a new line with a negative amount method is that when a client logs in and looks at the Project Overview / Budget Overview, the amount of the manual discounts entered shows up as an uninvoiced amount. This makes the client think that this amount is due for the current (in progress) billing cycle, when in fact it will never be due from the client. I would REALLY like the ability to add a discount without messing up the Budget Overview.

    I know you can add a discount to an entire client profile, but this does not work for me. My discounts vary from invoice to invoice based on the amount of hours billed each billing cycle. Therefore I need a method to apply discounts at the invoice level.

    With how Intervals is currently structured one option that might help is adding a payment since a payment does factor into the budget calculations. You might be able to add a payment and select "project credit" or "other" for the type of payment and then add a note indicating that it was a discount.
    Then it overstates the amount of payments the client has made.

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