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how to use a template approach

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    • kim
    • Jul 24th 2011
    we are new to intervals and are trying to upload a number of project. I understand from reading the forum that there is not a "template" capability today but we could copy project and then basically change the name. the copied project would of course have a schedule input but if we change the start date the project should readjust--basically the X + approach. but we would also like to do a global replace on names associated with tasks. is there a way to do that? and do you have any other tips and tricks for fast uploads?
    Copying a project is definitely the best approach to handle project templates. Also, just an FYI that inactive projects can be copied. Setting the project template to inactive will remove the project from drop down menus (tasks, time, etc.) and it won't count against your active project count as well. Unfortunately there is not a way to globally update task titles at this time. Probably the closest functionality is right clicking on the task from the task listing and updating the title but it would have to happen on a per task basis. The only other option I can think of is importing the project. I know some of our customers import projects and tasks whenever a new project is needed. That might not work for your workflow but I thought I would mention it just in case.

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