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'Hours' missing from Task resource

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    I'm trying to write a report for time spent on various tasks (basically the tasks tab, but with my own extensions).

    I can do one call to get the list of tasks back, which includes the estimated time, but I'm going to have to make another call per task to get the elapsed time back. It would be good to have this as an (optional?) field on the task resource, if only to reduce the number of XML calls.


    The Intervals API is designed to have separation of data into individual components. In the case of the task resource, imagine all the ancillary information related to a task we could possibly include: all time entries, all task notes, all documents, the people pertaining to all those aforementioned items, original work request (if it exists), task project information, client information, module information, etc. Because of all these data relations, we had to decide whether to include all this extraneous information in 1 call, or to force developers to request information on demand, and we decided to do the latter (ie only task information for the task resource). This is primarily because it makes it easier to compartmentalize data by only showing information related to the request, and it cuts down on bandwidth, which makes the API more practical for smaller applications, mobile applications, and widgets.

    Nevertheless, I've made a change for our next release that will make it so that totals for billable hours, unbillable hours, and total hours will be included with the task list. These changes will be pushed live in a few weeks; they will be visible to all levels of users (except for executives who are not allowed to view time). Now, these are just totals per task; for individual time entries, you'll still have to use the time resource.

    In the meantime, one solution might be to retrieve a list of time entries and then merge that information with your list of tasks based on taskid. I've also made a change for our next release that will allow apps to pass multiple values for taskid to the time resource so you can limit the time list to specific tasks.


    Thanks, that's perfect for my requirements. I've got my report working with extra XML queries, but it is slow. I hope to put a version up here when I get a chance to remove it's dependancies on our internal libraries.

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