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Greasemonkey keyboard shortcut script for quick Verify & Close.

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    • jprado
    • Mar 23rd 2007 edited @ 12/07/2007 3:57 pm

    I go through a lot of V&C's thoroughout the day. To save keystrokes and clicks, I had created a keyboard shortcut when editing a task and setting it to Verify & Close (typing the words 'acaba' ALT+C ). This was actually built into the previous version of our application.

    This time I decided to create it using a Greasemonkey user script. Read the extension's description for a complete description on what it does -- it's a very powerful extension.

    The script is named Acaba v1.0. It's really just an automation script that will save you a lot of keystrokes and clicks if you deal with many tasks. This particular version sets it to 'Verify & Close', prompts for a closeout message and submits the form.

    V&C is our version of "its done and ready for QA", but it can be changed to anything really. The extension is triggered by the keystroke ALT+C on the Edit Task page (Command + C for Mac users).

    To install first install Greasemonkey, just drag the file into Firefox and the script will begin installation.

    You can download the Acaba v1.0 here

    Just updated it so it works with the new edit task template.
    • jnhearne
    • Nov 29th 2007 edited @ 11/29/2007 4:11 pm
    Would love to know how to get some more keyboard shortcuts in. Do you have a tutorial site or further explanation on getting this to work? I am looking at the source .js file and can surmise a few things but would love to hear more.
    • jprado
    • Dec 7th 2007 edited @ 12/07/2007 3:56 pm

    There's tons of examples here

    If you're familiar with javascript it should be very easy... if not give me an idea of what you're trying to do and I can write something for you.

    Also, if you're comfortable changing the script all you need to do is change the keyHandler function.

    BTW, I ended up changing the script to listen for ALT+C now ... I find that's way easier to type than 'acaba'

    • jnhearne
    • Dec 12th 2007 edited @ 12/14/2007 8:29 am


    Well what I always find my self doing is using the enter key to apply time in the Floating Time Window.


    using the enter key to save anything that I edit. (time, profiles, tasks, sending emails, adding work types)

    I dig Grease monkey and have been getting use to the samples I have found Greasey Monkey

    But I'm not too familiar with how to change things. It might be shooting for the moon to get "enter" functionality in Intervals (are you listening michael? he he he), but it sure would be nice. Possible?

    • jprado
    • Dec 14th 2007 edited @ 12/14/2007 9:18 am

    Hitting enter to submit the form depends on your browser, if you'd like you could try this, it actually uses CTRL+ENTER to submit forms, you could use this for any site.

    BTW, the floating time window html needs some modifications for allowing the enter key to sumit the form. Reason being is it's got special event handlers when you submit the form.

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