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    I'm an administrator, currently in the titlebar of my intervals account it shows:

    * There is 1 new task in the queue awaiting assignment
    * There are 6 overdue timesheets
    * 4 timesheets are ready to be approved

    However, I am only responsible for some of these tasks/timesheets, and I've no way of knowing if I need to action anything without clicking on the links.

    I'd rather these were displayed as a table:
    * Task queue: 5 in your projects / 2 in no project / 10 total
    * Overdue timesheets: 3 in your team / 0 in no team / 7 total
    * Timesheets to be approved: 0 in your team / 0 in no team / 3 total

    The second two would require a new 'reports to' field against a person. This field would also be very useful as a filter for reports (currently I have to tick multiple team members when I run such a report).

    Looks pretty useful; would it be difficult to implement?

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