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Request que attachements

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    • yalp
    • May 31st 2011

    Hello dev team,
    I have a code generated email that adds an attachemnt to the email, sends to your request que and then sends to our email account.
    The email makes to both accounts with no issue but for some reason the attachement is lost when it is sent to the request que.
    I've tested a few diff setups and I can't get the code generated email to the request que with any attachement.
    It's no issue when sending the email from Outlook or Hotmail.
    Has anyone else been able to get this to work or any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
    thanks for your time


    It sounds like there might be an issue with multi part HTML and how it is being parsed. You might want to try sending the email in plain text and then in HTML and see how it turns out. If is doesn't make a difference please feel free to contact our support team direct at and start a direct dialogue to see what we can do to help out.


    Thanks for your feedback.

    The email does make it with no issue as plain text and no issue as HTML.
    The only issue I hit is when adding an attachement and then sending this email.
    The email create and then send dosent throw any errors, when it hits the Request Que the email is intact but the attament isnt included.

    The only thing I can think of is the email attachement is being generated in memory in that the file is not saved to disk before it is sent, it just checks that there is an allowable specific file extension and it is under 4 megs.

    As I mentioned we get our copy with no issue w/ attachement but when the email is sent to request que the attachement is lost.

    As I mentioned there is no issue when using an application like Outlook or email provider like a hotmail.

    I might try saving the file to disk before I send it and see what happens, Is there any other idea you can throw me?

    As always thanks for your time


    Unfortunately, parsing emails is not an exact science. There are subtle variations in emails generated by each email client. Given the number of email clients, it is impossible to account for all the different formats we receive. We've managed to hit most of the major email clients.

    However, in this case it sounds like code is generating the email. If we could see the code this might tell us how the email is being formed. Can you email it to the support team?

    Meanwhile, it might help to use existing MIME Multipart email libraries for generating the email. Creating multipart emails, especially from scratch, is definitely going to be a difficult task and will easily trip up email parsers, like it is ours, if every part of the email is not defined perfectly.

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