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Intervals Document | File Storage going live this Saturday (March 24)

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    • Michael
    • Mar 21st 2007 edited @ 03/21/2007 5:11 pm
      Document | File Storage Going Live this Saturday, 7:00 AM Pacific

      This weekend we will launching Intervals Document | File Storage. We do not anticipate any down time, but there may be a few minutes of spotty performance while we launch the new feature.

      What can you expect after the launch?

      • You will be able to upload files to Tasks and Projects

      • There are no file type restrictions so you can upload whatever you need (contracts, screenshots, logos, design comps, etc.)

      • Document Support includes versioning control so you can view iterations of a file over time

      • Executive users can upload files with the work requests they submit

    We're excited to get this vital feature in and it brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of making Intervals the one service that small businesses, creatives, designers, PR firms, communication companies, and web shops use to get all of their business needs done:

    • real time control of budget vs. actual for all of your projects

    • task management and organization of prorities

    • time tracking made easy

    • reports on the health of your business

    • tracking overall productivity to see if you are spending your time and energy where you think you should be

    • AND

    • file storage - centralize all of the files and documents you need to get your work done

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