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Freshbooks? Anyone done an API/Integration with FB?

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    • Hitch
    • May 10th 2011 edited @ 05/10/2011 4:05 pm


    I admit I'm a bit at the end of my rope, here. I wanted to use QB--but QB does not have a native Paypal integration, which I find mind-boggling in this day and age. So I migrated to Freshbooks (which does), for my accounting. However, it does not have an integration with Intervals (although it does with Basecamp, Deskaway and ClientSpot). So now, in addition to the double-entry I was doing before, using Intervals, now I'm doing triple-entry; in order to correlate the data, from the time I receive a RFQ, I have to:

    1. Create an estimate in FB, and send another via email, because I can't attach a form I need from the client in EITHER Intervals or FB;

    2. When the estimate is accepted, create the project in Intervals

    3. Set the deliverable as an expense in Intervals, because Intervals doesn't have deliverables, so I:

    4. Create the deliverable with my cost as the cost and my charge as the Fee (which is the price quoted in the Freshbooks quote)

    5. THEN, when the project is done, I have to:

    6. generate the invoice from Freshbooks, and

    7. Enter the expense side from Intervals manually into FB, so I can get a P&L report and other info for taxes at year end, and

    8. from the Freshbooks side, get a report of who's paid, which I then

    9. have to manually enter into Intervals as Payments, so the same clients don't show up in my Outstanding balances report.

    There seems to be NO way to import the expense information from Intervals into FB, nor to even use a CSV file, because I have no way to correlate the client name/info from one to the other, nor can I export the payment info from FB to use in Intervals, to eliminate ANY of this endlessly repetitive data entry.

    So: has anyone done an Intervals-Freshbooks API integration they'd be willing to share or sell? Or, for that matter, anyone here use FB that found a way to make any of this easier? I realize that this mayn't sound very onerous, but when you're doing over a hundred projects every single month, doing this a hundred+ times really is beyond onerous, and it's sucking up very valuable time to do it. And I can't NOT put the data in Intervals, because then I have no way whatsoever to be sure that each project is invoiced--and the only way to do that is to use the Outstanding Balances report (which I get to compare manually to my FB reports), as I don't/can't use Intervals invoicing, which again, sans integration with live-checkout partners, is useless to me.

    Alternatively, any chance that Intervals is looking at an integration with any other accounting or invoicing program that resides in this century? I was absolutely gobsmacked that QB doesn't have any PP integration, nor Google Checkout--it's amazing to me.

    • Michael
    • Apr 20th 2012 edited @ 04/20/2012 2:14 pm
 does have a few connectors to Intervals that can be used for partial integration with Freshbooks. More information is available here on itDuzzit's web site.

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