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Looking for report: monthly equivalent of weekly hour graph

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    I'm looking for a report that I swear I came across at some point...

    It's the monthly version of the Weekly Hour Graph, or really the Weekly Trends Report with Billable vs. Unbillable as the View By option. I believe I was able to pull this report before, but haven't been able to recreate it after poking around anywhere I'd find it.

    What I'm trying to get at is looking at a resource / group's bill:non-bill ratio over time. It seems odd that I can filter to see only billable, only non-billable, or both together as one value... but not see one vs. the other in the same column. Am I missing something, was this intentionally removed, or something else?

    Any info would be helpful, as I've started working on the CSV export -> Excel version of the charts



    None of the reports have been changed recently. From the description above it sounds like you might be looking for the Break It Down Report. That report shows billable an unbillable time columns and has view by options that include a weekly and monthly view. Another option might be the Project Activity Report if "both" is selected and not just billable or unbillable time. That report will show the hours and financial value of billable and unbillable work but they will be separated out into two separate tables of data.

    Thanks Michael... I must have been mistaken.

    I was able to get what I was looking for using the Break It Down report table exported as a CSV and then using that data to create up column charts in Excel. I thought I had pulled those charts before directly via reports in Intervals, but I must have either been thinking of the weekly version (under Time at /time/weekly/) or the Weekly Trends column chart report with billable only.

    I'll submit a feature request for the Billable + Unbillable as the 2 series in a Weekly Trends column chart report.

    Thanks again,


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