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Are the help videos publicly available?

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    Within each Intervals account there are help videos and lessons for getting started with Intervals. Even though many of the videos are pretty basic we have received very positive feedback and we are starting the process or recreating them. Many of the videos were created in 2007 and 2008 and Intervals has changed quite a bit since then (especially since we typically update Intervals every four weeks). We are looking forward to releasing updated videos. The current help videos are available on in the video tour page and here are links to each individual video as well:

    Time Related Videos
    Time Tracking
    Timesheet Approvals

    Project Management Videos
    Task Management
    Project Management
    Using Milestones
    Document Management

    User Level Videos
    Executive Users
    Resource Users
    Manager Users

    Tips & Tricks (modules, personalization, etc.)
    Work types and Modules
    Personalization - Settings & Defaults
    Search & Project Notes
    Misc. Utilities

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