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Feature Requests [Closed]

Locale Support | Multiple Currency Support and Date Formatting

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    • Michael
    • Mar 20th 2007 edited @ 12/08/2008 1:09 pm

    We tend to be slow in adding new features and spend more of our time enhancing the current experience to try and keep complexity to a minimum. We have a ton of enhancements and cool ideas we want to add to Intervals, but we don't want to make it bloatware so we tend to move slowly on purpose.

    We typically classify new features and enhancements to Intervals in these terms:

    - "working on"
    - "planned for development"
    - "pondering"

    It's kind of like the food pyramid, but different.

    These features have been in the "planned for development" camp, but are now moving into the "working on" camp:
    1. add in the ability to use currency other than US Dollars
    2. customize the date/time format for better international support

    Thank you to our International customers for pushing the priority on this one.

    • Michael
    • Apr 12th 2007 edited @ 12/08/2008 1:05 pm
    A quick update on this feature. We have it about 80% complete and hope to be launching it in the next few weeks. We plan to support about 5 Locales out of the gate and then add more as requested.

    This is a pretty old forum post but locale support has been live for quite some time.


    I do not think the locale selection is flexible enough. I am working in a country where we use different currencies, mostly EUR.

    I am working in Romania, Romania it is not even in the locale list. But even if you put it there I would like to use not the local currency which is RON, but user EUR.

    I asked about Japanese yen via email. Perhaps one good way would just to be able to enter the codes directly. Given some examples, it should be possible for most people to figure out how to enter custom codes for a locale. People are used to going yyyy mmm dd etc in Excel, after all.

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