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Is it possible to add Owned by to Task list screen

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    • sdoyle
    • Apr 19th 2011 edited @ 08/01/2011 11:20 am
    Is it possible to add either Owned By or Followed by columns to the main screen for Tasks? For is this page not customizable from the standpoint of hiding/showing columns?
    At this time the Owned By and Followed By columns are not available on the main screen for tasks. Nor is this page customizable. There are a few other ways to get at this data. One is to export the task list to Excel/CSV. This exported file will include the Owned By and Followed By columns. A second way is to hold the mouse for a second or two over the task title. A third way is to select the Owners and Followers from the filters in the left column to view the task list through that particular lense.
    In general it would be really useful to be able to choose the columns to display, rather than just having the widescreen/standard option.

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