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How to "submit for approval" ?

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    I would like to simulate the "Submit for approval" button in my command line script.
    How to do that via the API? I didn't find any documentation on this point, except the 'approved'
    parameter here:




    The 'approved' parameter for the time resource only filters time entries based on whether or not the timesheet they belong to has been approved. At this time there is not a timesheet resource available via the API. We do have plans to add one and once we do this functionality will become available via the API. Until then, the web interface is the only way to do this.



    Thanks for you answer.

    This API will be very useful for me. Please add it to the top of your todo list :).

    I also would like this
    As John stated above, we do have plans to bring a timesheet resource to the API. It, along with a way to modify project permissions, is among the next items that will be added to the API. Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide a time frame for when this will be added.

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