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Retroactively adding hours

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    We're using Intervals at the University of Oklahoma to teach students how to track their hours during their internships. Several of my students have tried unsuccessfully to retroactively add hours they worked over spring break. Can anybody help me figure out how to do this, please?

    Intervals uses a weekly timesheet to keep track of hours. Each week that has time entered on it becomes an overdue timesheet once the week has past. It is likely that the timesheets in question have gone through the approval process and been marked as approved. Once a weekly timesheet has been approved, time can no longer be entered for that week.

    To resolve this, login to the Intervals account and unapprove/reject the timesheet. This will send it back to the user for updating. Then they will be able to track their hours they worked over spring break.



    This helped greatly. Thanks! How does a student update and resubmit a rejected time sheet?

    A rejected timesheet can be edited by navigating to the timesheet and updating the hours then the timesheet can be resubmitted by clicking on the "submit for approval" button just above the timesheet.

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