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Deleting multiple clients or people

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    How do I delete multiple client and person records? I have a number of each that appear to have been scrambled on import. There are several hundred of each, so doing them one by one isn't feasible.

    There are two ways that several hundred client and person records from an import could be deleted. The first option would be to go to Options -> Settings & Defaults -> Import Data -> Import History and deactivate the entire set of data that was imported. Then fix the data in the import file and try importing it again. The second option would be to use the Intervals API, documented at The API can be used to delete multiple client and person records, but it will require some programming knowledge to utilize.




    Thanks for the response.

    It almost worked - I think I may have triggered a race condition by being impatient with button presses, so now the clients have been cleaned out nicely, but there are just under 400 people when both imports are inactive.

    Off to the API, I guess. Hope there are good examples! :-)


    It's possible if some clients showed up in the same imports then Intervals might get confused when activating and deactivating the imports. Meanwhile, good luck with the API! Let us know if you need any help.

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